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Links and Community

Though my blog is new, I have had  great number of visitors. Nothing like Google, but I’ve been really pleased. The community of people seeing my request has grown already. I’ve made no claims to the contrary: this blog was designed with me in mind. I wish to avoid dialysis, get another transplant and continue on with my life.

There’s no question, however, that as the coverage area of this blog expands as I hope it will, so will the message of renal (kidney) failure. The medical term for this condition is called “End Stage Renal Disease” or ESRD, for short. Many ESRD patients are not qualified for a transplant – for any number of reasons – and must continue with dialysis treatment to stay alive. Options for dialysis have grown and technology is slowly catching up to the consumer in this field.

There are wonderful communities for both transplant recipients and for dialysis recipients, and today my blog showed up on one of them: http://www.billpeckham.com/from_the_sharp_end_of_the/

So, thanks to Bill Peckham for listing my website. You might go take a look at his website to get an idea of the challenges, complications, successes and families of dialysis. His is only one of the many sites that are part of an online community for ESRD patients.

The more sites, the better. I have often argued that ESRD is not as sexy a disease as some of the other, more publicized, ailments of humanity. But I’ll be damned if we’ll get swept under the rug. 30 Rock was a great start, kidney disease in America needs to be widely publicized.

2 comments on “Links and Community

  1. Helene
    June 1, 2009

    Not exactly sure what’s involved with this but it might be worth at least checking out http://www.genomed.com/
    best of luck
    am sending prayers!

    • Dave Moskowitz MD FACP
      June 3, 2009

      Thanks, Helene! We can prevent kidney failure provided that we get to patients EARLY–before a serum creatinine of 2 mg/dl. Most people aren’t even told they have kidney failure till their creatinine is 3 or 4, by which point it’s way too late. So knowing your serum creatinine is as important as knowing your serum cholesterol. It would also be nice if we could get the word out better: http://tinyurl.com/pucfku

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