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The Coincidence of 30 Rock

I have a 7, going on 8, year old step daughter named Wallace. So in our household, we don’t watch too much adult television. When Rebecca and I do get the time to sit together and watch, it’s usually news. Though we’ve also entered a strange stage in our lives where we watch a lot of HGTV as well, though we do not own our home – go figure. Otherwise, there’s just a lot of Miley Cirus/Montana, iCarly, Spongebob.

Kidney Now

So the other night, while Rebecca is out planning the baby shower with her friend and Wallace is at her dad’s house, I decided to just sit and watch whatever was on. I have seen 30 Rock before, it’s funny and Tina Fey is, well, she’s great.

I was blown away by the show. A primetime comedy show about … kidney donation! It was funny, relevant, poinant and touching. Chonic disease isn’t exactly laugh out loud material, but this show managed to make me laugh out loud about the trials of finding a donor.

There was initially one hitch. I noticed there was no “real” plug at the end of the show for kidney donation. No mention of Donate Now America or the National Kidney Foundation. That was a bit of a let down. Especially since the day of the 30 Rock show was the same day I launched this blog. Friends have written me to suggest the show to me, so I know it’s getting noticed and people are making the connection.

I sat down this morning to write about the show and share it with readers, went back to 30 Rock’s site to grab a link and found links to … the National Kidney Foundation! Excellent. Not only does this raise a ton of awareness for, ahem, “the cause,” but if you purchase the video for the song – NKF gets the money.

So, check out the show: http://www.nbc.com/30_Rock/exclusives/kidney-now/ and purchase the video in iTunes. There’s a link to the song on 30 Rock’s page, on the right.

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