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How can you donate?

To be a transplant donor, you need to be at least 18 years old and in pretty good health. The first step is to call the transplant team at the number below. They will arrange to have your blood drawn at your local health care provider – you don’t need to be in L.A. for any of the testing. A person who has already been tested, but did not match, told me the process was professional, efficient, easy and that the team sent her a form for  insurance that took care of all the costs of the testing – costs are covered by my insurance program.

I am blood type O negative. That doesn’t mean you can’t donate if you’re not “O.” There are thousands of people who have already found willing donors who do not match their own needs. There is a great program that lists these donors on a national level so that people can exchange kidneys. This is a really cool deal wherein you could give your kidney to another person who has a kidney for me – the surgeries happen at the same time, two people walk away with new leases on life and two walk away with the satisfaction of having “given life.” So, please, if you would like to donate, call my team – anyone can help.

My transplant team is at the world-renowned UCLA Kidney Transplant Center.

There is a hotline for transplant donors at UCLA.


UPDATE! I have just heard from Intake Specialist Layla (lie-la), who has given me permission to give you her DIRECT PHONE! If you would like to find out about being a donor, or have not heard back from UCLA, please give Layla a call. 310-794-0719

Below is a link for UCLA’s donor intake form.


7 comments on “How can you donate?

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  3. honesty
    December 21, 2009

    I am a 28 yr old female no kids healthy willing and wanting to know the best way I can donate any organ that save a persons life. If your interested please contact me ccshay81@yahoo.com thank you

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  5. Judy Dugan
    June 10, 2009

    Jason, who knew you were such a good writer, so internally honest? You’re a pleasure to read.

    Could you put up share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.? And a link to email you privately? Might encourage more “maybe” responses.

    • jasonhamlin
      June 11, 2009

      Hey Judy,
      Thanks for the Kudos. I have put links to my Facebook and Twitter accounts on the left hand side of the page – all are welcome to join my electronic network. Comments and messages can be placed through my blog, and can be kept private if that’s preferable – people can just let me know that their comment is private and I won’t post them.

    • Kennth R Chiarito, Jr.
      March 22, 2011

      If I match…take it

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