Let's Talk Peritoneal Dialysis!

Hey, I'm Jason. I'm a chronically-ill-super-freedom-loving-medical-self-journalist.

Off Topic

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.56.18 AMOkay, so even though I run around on this website whining about how dialysis touches everything, I’ve gone and written about something other than dialysis. Something with absolutely no references to kidneys, kidney disease, emotional fallout or the joys of dialysis.

I was invited to write for “Now We Are Forty,” an online ‘zine created by my friend Summer Lopez-Dorst.  It would be super wicked awesome if you’d click on the link below and have a read. You guys are the greatest. No. Really.

My Fancy Essay.

Stop. You’ve read too far, go back and click that blue thing. magazine

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