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Every Other R

Isn’t Thursday Photo Collage Day?

I can never keep track of these things.

You’ve heard the good, the bad and the unattractive this week. Here’s the banality of dialysis – at least in part. Every other week, my dialysis supply company, Baxter, brings the supplies I need. It’s pretty simple, really, I just call them with my list of needs and they fill the order each second Thursday. The level of responsibility is pretty low, but the idea of controlling my own supplies (and everything that follows) is fulfilling to me.

I’m sorry, that was the worst of puns. Totally unintentional, I assure you.

The sheer volume of materials can be daunting. The captions tell what kind of numbers we’re talking about here, but the supplies take up most of our laundry room’s extra space. To some, this is the down side of home dialysis. Not everyone can have a large foyer or a laundry room in which to store all these boxes. Others just have the boxes go straight to the bedroom—easier to get materials to the machine, less strain on the muscle system. There’s also an ecological issue inherent in these supplies; a tremendous amount of waste leaves our house and I am still trying to find out what’s recyclable and what might just be a medical hazard. I do work to separate the materials – Thursdays is also “guys who wander the neighborhood and collect used cardboard (DWNCUC)” day, which is a great incentive for me to get my stuff down to the curb. This has also endeared me to the GWNCUC community, allowing me to be chummy with strangers who walk our street. See? There’s good in everything. I knew it.

Enjoy this Thursday’s photo collage, my readers. Tomorrow is the last post of the week-of-posts and we’ve all survived.


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