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Kidney Walk!

Hello. It’s been a while. We’ll catch up on the last year in a post not too terrible long from now. In the meantime, I’d like to ask for something other than a kidney. I’d like to ask for cash. Uh-oh.

In an earlier post, I lamented the absence of organized events for dialysis patients. I felt like, and sometimes still feel, that dialysis and transplant patients are often overlooked in the great world of disease. We’re not as sexy, us ESRD folks, as cancer – nor do as many die from our ailment. But if you live with kidney disease, you know. It’s rough. And daily. It touches everything in our lives.

So wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to get the word out? Well, now there is!

I’ll be walking and volunteering at the 2011 Kidney Walk this year. I would be honored if you would be willing to walk with me – or stay at home, and just sponsor me!



Whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated. Raising awareness of transplants, dialysis and other health issues surrounding your kidneys is a great cause – one that I feel is often overlooked. Just give $5.00, as my doctor has said to me: “it’s really just the thought that counts in this event…” which is true. Take a moment, think about what living on dialysis is like – and let that thought move you.

One comment on “Kidney Walk!

  1. Sam Merrell
    December 5, 2012

    No new stories for over a year — what happened?

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